A request was made to organize another Brewers outing this year. 

 We would begin the evening at 5:00 with dinner at a pub reasonably near the stadium one which has one or more

free* shuttles.

We will then shuttle to the game and all sit together and enjoy a Brewers victory (hopefully!).  Games all start at 7:10

Shuttles usually begin to run back to the pubs after the 7th inning stretch, so anyone who wants to leave early can.


The dates we are considering are:

Tues., June 26 KC Royals

Mon., July 23 Washington Nationals

Tues., Aug. 7 San Diego Padres


 De Anne is able to use a work discount to get us tickets at a good price:



Field Outfield Box


Loge Outfield Box


Club Outfield Box


Terrace Box


Terrace Reserved


Bernie's Terrace



*Shuttles are usually free with purchase of a beverage &/or food.

 If there is enough interest, we can attend more than one game.

Please RSVP to Lisa Schwartz at Lschwartz@mcw.edu or 414-852-1077 as soon as possible, including which game(s)

you are interested in attending and the price range you would be willing to spend.  My phone is off during the work

day, but you can leave me a message at any time.